Presentazione Album di Serena Celeste

Published on 13 Giugno 2022

🎻 Presentazione dell’album di Serena Celeste 🎷 Sabato 18 giugno ore 18:30 🎸Apre la serata Nicola Braccia, alla chitarra Guido Capaldi

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Duo Bahia Live

Published on 1 Giugno 2022

🎻 Evento di musica brasiliana 🎷 Mercoledì 1 giugno ore 19:00 🎸 Francesco Mario Primerano (chitarra) e Alessia Di Paola Favatà (voce) Il DUO BAHIA è un duo voce e chitarra composto da M° Francesco Mario Primerano (chitarra) Alessia Di Paola Favatà (voce) nato circa un anno fa. Suonano prevalentemente…

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Halyna Gaia Tupys e Edoardo Liberati in concerto

Published on 16 Maggio 2022

➳ Venerdì 20 maggio, ore 19 ➳ Halyna Gaia Tupys (voce) e Edoardo Liberati (chitarra) in concerto ➳ Ingresso al concerto con drink: 12 euro ➳ Prenotazioni: 06 943 75 745 La collaborazione tra il chitarrista Edoardo Liberati e la cantante Halyna Gaia Tupys nasce nel 2013, favorita dalla comune…

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How to Chat With a Mexican Female

Published on 13 Marzo 2022

If you want to chat with a Mexican female, you should continue a few points in mind. The very first is that they consider their romances seriously and aren’t looking for everyday relationships. In addition , they are interested in marriage and quite a few of them desire long-term relationships….

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Techniques for Being a Very good Wife

Published on 7 Marzo 2022

Becoming a good wife involves mixing your husband’s prospects and your individual. As a partner, you should ask the husband to jot down his anticipations for wedding ceremony and try to meet those prospects. This is not convenient, but you can take action. Listed below are tricks for being a…

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Affectionate Marriages

Published on 6 Marzo 2022

A romantic marital life is a union between a couple with strong emotions of love and commitment. The goal of this sort of marriages can be described as healthy, content marriage. These marriages include better solutions than other types of relationships. Romantic relationships can take place between two heterosexual…

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