SUPERIMMAGINE su Radioarchitettura

15 Maggio 2019 - 1 minute read

SUPERIMMAGINE : l’architettura è un pretesto

The results of the first two editions of the “Annuale degli Studenti” the competition organized by Valle Giulia students, aimed at architecture students, will be exhibited in an experimental installation born from some reflections on the nature of the images, in the living room of Sinestetica.

Every day we look at images of all kinds that serve to convey the most disparate contents, on which they sometimes take over. How powerful can the image be, beyond the communicative function for which it was born?

The images on display will be disconnected from the architectural meaning and used as compositions of shapes and colors: the content will be reduced to a pretext.The gallery space, a former storage of mattresses, will be invaded by a dynamic surface on which the visitor can lie down, sit, move, look at the images he has at his fingertips.

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